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Fers vapeur, Stirella

Dual soleplate Discover the latest innovation in ironing and find the best solution to achieve perfect results, saving your time.
DUAL soleplate represents the most up-to-date technology: the unique soleplate combining two materials together to maximise the benefits on all garments and its patented design deliver a double ironing action.
DUAL VAP system: the best way to obtain the perfect result with multiple steam emission options, allowing you to choose between a focused turbo shot of steam at the tip of the soleplate or a more gentle but highly effective burst of steam across the entire soleplate. With a full range of ironing systems and steam irons, we aim to cover all your needs: find here all the benefits and much more..
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Ironing Guide

We all know how good it feels to wear stunning new clothes. To keep this feeling everyday, you can find some great tips and advice in this dedicated section on how to keep your clothes in top condition, how to iron them correctly and keep them looking brand new. Learning how to remove creases perfectly and how to take care of different garments will bring you great satisfaction when ironing and make you look beautiful every day.

Ironing Guide
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Product care

How to keep your appliance working longer? Correct maintenance of your product is the key to safeguarding the highest level of performance and maximise longevity.
Check out the expert advice: from the type of water to use, tips on how to clean the soleplate, to reducing limescale and its damaging effect.

How to keep your device as long as possible?
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